Services in the area

The Hervanta district in the southern part of Tampere is like a city of its own, with a comprehensive range of services: restaurants, a shopping centre, a library, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, sports services, car service, service stations and accommodation services. The new Tampere tramway runs from Hervanta to the city centre in 20 minutes.

Restaurants & cafés

There are more than 30 restaurants and cafés in Hervanta, ranging from quality Italian to fast takeaways and university restaurants and cafés. Wolt and Foodora couriers operate in the area.

Business premises

A window office, office suite or co-working space? The Regus premises at the Hervanta campus of Tampere University are furnished, have service packages and are ideal for temporary rentals.

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Accommodation services

Located in the vicinity of the Testbed, the Hotel Hermica is popular for business trip accommodation and has its own sauna, bar, restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

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Other services

Car service

In the vicinity of the test area, there are several specialised motor vehicle garages and services. The Rusko industrial area also has a wide range of additional services, and more service offerings can be found in Tampere and its neighbouring municipalities.

Link to Google search for car repair shops in Tampere

Mobility and connections

Internal transport in the City of Tampere is the responsibility of Tampere City Transport (TKL). TKL buses and trams run frequently between Hervanta and the city centre. (Officially, the Tampere Tramway will start operating on 9 August 2021.) Taxi Tampere is a reliable local operator.

Read about transport connections in Tampere on the Visit Tampere website