Test area – at the intersection of science and business

Tampere Testbed Hervanta offers companies, equipment and sensor manufacturers, automotive operators and researchers a central location for testing and developing automated mobility solutions in the middle of one of Tampere’s fastest-growing districts.

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Roads for the builders of the future

In the initial phase, the Hervanta open ground test area will include the quadrangle formed by Insinöörinkatu, Teekkarinkatu, Ahvenisjärventie and Opiskelijankatu right at the heart of the district, comprising approximately 3.5 kilometres of road network. Routes needed for testing will be designed and developed depending on the interest of the testers. (The closed proving ground area maintained by VTT enables important initial testing and virtual testing.)

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Advanced digital infrastructure

Tampere Testbed’s digital infrastructure is ready to serve the developers of automated transport: the 4G network, the digital twin and open data on mobility (data.tampere.fi) are already here, and HD maps are next in the works.

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Many services in the area

Hervanta has grown into a small town of its own and provides operators in the test area with all the necessary services from restaurants to accommodation, business premises, short-term office spaces and campus services.

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Cooperation in Tampere

The development of the test area is a collaborative effort. The development of the area utilises the results of several projects focusing on the development of transport and mobility as well as open data and interfaces.

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Digital twin for the test area

The intelligent transport cluster offers places for many operators


Automation, robotics, software development, equipment and sensor manufacturing. These are a few industries in which companies can benefit from the diverse opportunities offered by Tampere Testbed to test and develop prototypes, products and services in the middle of a growing business hub. We help you find the services you need, whether it is premises, governmental permits or potential cooperation partners. A brisk and flexible attitude ensures that companies operating at the Testbed can take their development work one step further.

Educational and research institutions

For the research community, the Testbed offers a practical field for testing their own research hypotheses and diverse opportunities for collaborating with companies. The project acts as a bridge-builder between different actors. There are places for students and researchers in robotics, automation technology, mobility research and electronic mobility.

Intelligent transport operators and the automotive industry

It is important for operators in intelligent transport and the automotive industry that the test area is easily accessible and the range of services is diverse. Tampere Testbed Hervanta’s advantages include both the location of the test area in the middle of the cityscape and the location of Tampere in the traffic hub of Finland: the city is easily accessible by air, rail and highway. Modern internal transport in Tampere ensures smooth movement within the city: the new tram service takes you from Hervanta to the city in just 20 minutes.

Urban developers

Tomorrow, cities will move in a different way: the development of autonomous mobility and robot buses is progressing quickly, and self-driving cars are no longer a utopian idea but part of daily life at the Testbed. For urban developers, the Testbed is a platform where new, safe, call-based and low-carbon robot transport solutions serve municipalities, cities and the environment alike. The digital twin is the urban planning framework on which the services of the real world are built.


Automated mobility will make Tampere more functional. The robot bus will provide feeder traffic for the new tram from areas where there are no tram lines and where the bus traffic may have stopped. Intelligent traffic is also safe: the robot bus does not make human errors and is controlled remotely through fleet control. Residents are welcome to participate in testing, developing and commenting on automated transport services.

Are you interested in the test environment?

The test area develops together with operators. Contact us even if you are only at the starting point. We will tell you about the area and map out how the area would best serve your goals and visions.

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